Animal Waste Removal

Animal Waste is a Very Serious Problem, With Very Serious Risks if Not Dealt With.

If you Discover you Have Animal Feces in your Home or Business, it Needs to be Removed by a Professional.

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Asbestos Abatement Services

Asbestos Can Be a Serious Health Hazard if Disturbed.

If You Are Planning a Renovation or Need To Have Asbestos Containing Material Removed, You Need a Professional To Handle It For You.

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Cigarette Odour Removal

Tobacco Odour Can Be One of the Most Obnoxious and Difficult Odour to Overcome.

We are Extremely Successful in Removing Smoke Odours in Homes and Businesses.

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COVID-19 Disinfection

We offer complete COVID-19 Disinfection Services for Home or Business. Our company disinfects Covid-19 Testing Centers, Isolation Centers and are Leaders in the Industry.

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Estate Clean-Out Service

After a Death, the is Always an Estate Clean-out that Needs to Happen Before the Property is Sold.

We are Experts in Organization, Donation of Unwanted items and Complete Remediation of Any Problems at the Property. More Information

Hoarding Cleaning

Extreme Clean Group is Ontario's Leader in Hoarding Cleaning and Gross Filth Situations.

We Offer Different Levels of Assistance Which Can Include Emergency Cleanup, De-Cluttering and Counselling.  Call Us Today and Start on the Road to Recover.

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Mould Removal Services

Mould is a Very Serious Issue That Can Cause Major Health Issues, and Compromise Indoor Air Quality in Your Home or Business.

Call Today To Speak With Our Certified Professional Mould Technicians To Discuss Options and a Free Consultation.

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Suicide/Trauma Cleaning

When a Traumatic Event Happens Such as Suicide, Crime Scene, Trauma, Unattended Death or Extreme Injury it is Essential to Call a Professional Trauma Cleaning Company to Take Care of Situation at Once!

For Reasons Such as Psychological Distress, Odour, Biohazards, Blood Borne Pathogens, and Possible Infection or Contamination, This is a Place For Experts Only.

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Water/Flood Damage Repair

When You Have a Flooded Basement, or Water Damage Situation, the Company to Call is Ontario Extreme Clean.

Time is Always of the Essence When You Have an Emergency Water Intrusion in Your Home or Business. It Needs to Get Dry ASAP to Avoid Mold Growth as Well as Structural Damage.

Ontario's #1 Water Damage Specialists, Ontario Extreme Clean!

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